Kennel of Dreams in Michigan - breeder of AKC-registered mini Dachshund puppies

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Welcome to Kennel of Dreams...Where quality dogs are bred with loving care.
I breed only AKC miniature Dachshunds. All puppies are sold without papers.

Colors bred are Red, Black & Tan, Chocolate and Tan, English Cream, Isabella and tan, and Blue and tan.

I breed the dapple and piebald patterns.


* Puppy Adoption page *

*updated 6/28/19, check it out!*


Parents Willow and Sherman

Born October 16, 2019

Pick up date December 11

 Black and tan male Sold to James C

1 black and tan female

1 black and tan piebald female Sold to Jessica R

We'll know coat length in 3 weeks.

More puppies are due the 18th.  Should be red or cream.

Parents Joy and DocSon

Born July 13, 2019

Ready to go now.

Long haired Blue and tan male. Very sweet, likes people and loves to cuddle.  Someone is going to get a really nice dog!!!


Retired adults available.  Both males and females.  They would do best in homes without young children or cats as they have not been raised around them.  We are retiring in the near future and they need homes. Contact for more information.

All the adults have good temperaments.  All have their own special personality and are sweet dogs.

 Minnie (6yrs), long haired black and tan female.

Very sweet and a good snuggler.


Precious 6yrs, blue and tan piebald smooth female. A real sweetheart.



Gracie 6yrs, black and tan dapple smooth coat female. 


Snuggles is 7 years old, Isabella and tan smooth female.  She lives up to her name.  :-)


RainDrop is a 2 year old Isabella and tan smooth female.  She weighs in at 7.8 lbs. and is a sweet little cuddler!

She has had allergies so we have never bred her.  They don't bother her all the time but when they do we are able to manage it easily with 1/2 Zyrtec a day.  She currently is not having syptoms so is not taking it.


Dotty is a 6 yr. old chocolate and tan piebald smooth female. 

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* Due to legislation we no longer ship puppies.*

* I no longer sell puppies as breeders.*


Contact by email:

or by phone: 989-289-9737

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Kennel of Dreams in Michigan
breeder of AKC-registered mini Dachshund puppies - (989) 289-9737
Carol Montgomery, Sheridan MI