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Our Male Dachshund Breeders

Meet Montgomery's PJ

Here is PJ the black and tan silver dapple male, real nice disposition, very lovable.  He carries for black and tan ,  red, and the piebald pattern.  He weighs 11 lbs.

Sire is Montgomery's Little Buddy MSPC

Dam is Jone's Abby (our Missy the red dapple)


Meet Dreamer's Romeo

Romeo is a black and tan long hair and he lives up to his name. He's such a lover!

He has the most awesome coat being long and soft and it waves on his back.

This gorgeous coat has been passed on to 90% of his long haired puppies.  He carries for black and tan, red, and chocolate and tan, also the dapple pattern.  He weighs 11 lbs.

Sire is Leedach Canada Black Bart MS

Dam is Leedach's Silver Queen


Meet Dreamer's Rosco P. Coaltrain MS

Rosco is a smooth Chocolate with a very pleasant personality. Real nice and laid back.  He weighs 8 lbs.

Sire is Leedach's Lil Terminator Joe MS

Dam is Leedach's Huggy Bear MS


Meet Dreamer's DocSon ML

DocSon is a long haired black and tan silver dapple that is such a lover.  He would rather cuddle than play ball, just like his retired dad, Doc.  He's only 9 lbs. but what a little package of wonderful!  He carries for black and tan, red, and chocolate and tan.

  Sire is Doctor Dolittle IV

Dam is Montgomery's Princess


Meet Dreamer's Spot ML

Spot is a long haired black and tan silver dapple that has one blue eye, which means he has the ability to safley produce double dapples if bred properly.  He LOVES to play ball.  He's the best ball fetcher I've seen in a long time.  Spot lives to retrieve a ball for you....he's such a joy to have around, happy and outgoing playful fellow!   He weighs 10 lbs.

Sire is Leedach Canada Black Bart MS

Dam is Jone's Abby


Meet Dreamer's Maxchievous E. Cream Pie ML

Max is an English cream piebald and has a wonderfully long, silky, soft coat that he tends to pass on to his puppies.  Even the smooth ones have an extra soft coat.  Max LOVES to swim and is the most awsome dog ever!  He's a mischief maker and yet he's very laid back in temperament.  Such a personality!  He carries the dilute colors and  weighs 11 lbs.

Sire is CSD Laredo Texan E. Cream Pie ML

Dam is CSD McKayla Black Onyx Cr Pie ML


Meet Dreamer's Harley MSPC

Born 5-8-2011  Harley is a nice dog that has taken over the family business for dad.  This line is downsizing and Harley is such a good example of that.  Harley carries for black and tan, red, chocolate and tan, and the piebald gene. He weighs just 9 lbs.

Sire is Montgomery's PJ

Dam is Dreamer's Penelope ML


From days gone by.......

 Montgomery's Little Buddy

Buddy is on the right. He is a smooth red that carries the Piebald gene.

Sire is Can. Ch. Cedarhurst Winndy Rudolf MS (red)

Dam is Cedarhurst Winndy Colorfast (red piebald)

Buddy is now retired. Pictured with him here is his love, Missy, who has gone on to dog heaven in March 2009 and is greatly missed.

Meet Doctor Dolittle IV

Doc is a black and tan silver dapple long hair.

Sire is Smitledach's Silverado ML (black and tan silver dapple)

Dam is Leedach's Lil Hershey Kiss ML (chocolate and tan)

Doc is now retired.


Montgomery's Sparky

Sparky went to dog heaven Feb. 2009

His bubbling personality is greatly missed.

To learn more about my miniature Dachshunds, you can contact me any time after 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

(989) 289-9737
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Carol Bowers, MI
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